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Battles with Integrity

One man's mumblings....

Brick (DBA Brian)


Geeky, perhaps geekier, although alas, not geekiest.

I was born and raised in the northern woods of California, near the ocean. I found my way to the Big City almost by accident, and I have no intention of going back before THEY make me.

What does one usually put here? Perhaps the bio can be a work in progress.

Truly, I endeavour to be more than simply a life-support system for my reproductive organs. Note that it is not up to me to judge whether I am succeeding.

Please note: Many of my posts are friendslocked. I don't mean to evangelize for LJ here, but readers who wish to read non-public posts will have to obtain a free livejournal account or an OpenID and ask to be added to my friends list. I can then offer access to non-public posts and/or to other filters as well.

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KublaCon, the Khan of Cons!
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